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Custom Car Pooling Applications

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Customized Car Pooling Apps

Event based car pooling apps that allow members of teams or organizations to connect.

Pins on the map show where people are and who drives and\or needs a ride.

Versions range from completely open to by invitation only.

Mobile friendly so they work on computers, tablets and phones.


Variations on map based car pools


Is your organization hosting a large one time event like the March for Science?

Allow people outside of your organization to connect and car pool based on their locations.


See all the members of a student's sports team or after school clubs on the map

Allow parents to contact other student's parents through the site to arrange car pooling.


Help church members that need rides find them easily so they can attend more events

Build community by having neighbors drive together


Do your volunteers need to drive somewhere on your behalf?

Let volunteers find each other on the map so they can drive together


Does your organization match providers with participants?

View sets of each on the map to pair them up based on location.


Have a green wedding by encouraging your guests to car pool.

Your guests already have one thing in common - you.

Customized Bus Tracking Apps

Many schools and organizations track locations of an entire fleet

These tie into those systems and show a personal view of just the single vehicle

Mobile friendly so they work on computers, tablets and phones.


Variations on bus tracking

Bus Tracking

Are your clients waiting for a shuttle or bus wondering where it is?

School Bus Tracking

Minimize the time that kids are standing at the bus stop or sitting in idling cars


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